The nightmare of clogged drains!

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The nightmare of clogged drains!

By highlanderp74001009, Mar 18 2016 07:51PM

Most people have experienced clogged drains. That inevitable moment when the clog in your pipes is taunting you as you stand in a foot of water as you shower. The thought of calling a plumber seems to be a bit extreme because after all, it should be something you can fix on your own. You run to the local hardware store and scan the labels of the many choices of chemical treatments that are sitting in front of you. You pick up a $12.00 bottle of chemical treatment, and diabolically laugh at the clog! You smugly pour it down the drain, and THINK the battle is over. No need to call a plumber, and minutes later the water is draining as it should. A week later you are taking your morning shower, and you feel the water creeping up your legs again. Your problem is back! Here is why the quick fix can cost you more in the long run;

• The acid in the chemical oxidizes and the cleaner can cause a heated reaction, softening the plastic (PVC) pipes, and harm old corroded pipes. You won’t notice the damage the chemical leaves behind immediately, but can add to erosion in your pipes. This can cost you much more in the long run.

• Not only are these chemicals harmful to your drains, but they’re harmful to you and the environment.

• Drain cleaner isn’t always the quick fix. After spending $12.00 at the local hardware, you may find the problem is actually a broken pipe, or something to do with your sewer line. No chemical will fix those issues.

Don't let those pesky clogs be the death of you, call a plumber

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