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Video Inspections

By highlanderp74001009, Nov 20 2015 06:21PM

Video inspections have become a dependable instrument in the plumbing industry. These reliable cameras give homeowners a visual of their sewer lines, and other pipes that are underground or underneath their homes foundation. Here is what a video inspection can tell you…

• Root invasion

• Misaligned pipes

• Breakage

• Punctures

• Corrosion

• Buildup

• Leaks

• Obstruction

• Precise location and depth

A video inspection takes out guess work and gives an accurate diagnosis of where your problem is to make fixing easy and cost efficient. Highlander Plumbing offers this service, and will even leave you a video of your pipes inspection! Not only do you know the location to your leak, but you will have a new movie to watch on family night ;)

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