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Professional Pipe Thawing

If you need to have your pipes thawed, then look no further than Highlander Plumbing! You'll get more than 20 years of experience behind every job. We have the equipment and training on every truck to thaw frozen pipes and get the water flowing.

water flow from taps frozen pipe
  • Burst pipes

  • No water flow from taps

  • Reduced water flow

  • Frost on the pipes

  • The temperature is right

Be On the Lookout:

If you think your pipes are at risk, or have already frozen, then give us a call!


We'll be happy to inspect your pipes, thaw them and even recommend steps to prevent future freezing.

Reliable Pipe Maintenance

frozen pipe

Thaw your pipes today!


"Outstanding, timely service. Cost effective and efficient. Addressed issues with frozen pipes and recommended other improvements. Thank you!"

- Andrew B., from Angie's List