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Knowledgeable Pipe Maintenance

Keep your pipe systems healthy with the expert care and attention you'll get from Highlander Plumbing! We have more than 20 years of experience to put to use for your benefit.

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  • Sanitary piping systems

  • Cleaning

  • Pipe freeze seal

  • Gas piping

  • General plumbing systems

Quality Piping Services:

Do you have a problem with your pipes, but have no way to shut down that portion of the system? Or do you need a valve replaced, but can't find the shut-off?


Don't worry! We have the necessary equipment to create a temporary seal allowing work to be performed when a shut-off valve is not available.

Pipe Freeze Seals

Call today to get repairs!


"I wanted to say thank you to Highlander Plumbing for a job well done. I highly recommend Brian and his crew and you should give him a call for a quote if you need any plumbing work done."

- Chris M., from Angie's List