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Crucial Sump Pump Maintenance

Keep your basement safe from underground water and flooding with a high-quality sump pump from Highlander Plumbing. If blackouts are a concern or your sump pump runs frequently ask about the peace of mind that comes from having a high quality, water-powered backup sump pump.

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Great Sump Pump Service

If your basement is flooded, you probably have a broken sump pump; we can repair and service most brands to keep your basement dry.  


If you need a new sump pump, we'll be happy to install a high-quality, reliable brand.

Most Brands Serviced

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Get your sump pump repaired now!


"He was both punctual and professional. Explained the pros and cons of staying with the existing system or upgrading to a different one. He came back 2 days later with his helper and finished the job in about 3 hours. I am very satisfied with the quality of the work."

- Dan H., from Angie's List