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Accurate Drain Line Video Inspection

Do you suspect you have a broken pipe? Then let Highlander Plumbing get to the bottom of your suspicions with video inspection! We have top of the line, state-of-the-art video equipment with accurate locating ability including depth. A copy of your video is always available upon request.

  • Find broken pipes

  • Root penetrations

  • Home inspections

  • Pinpoint breaks

  • SAVE on repairs

Convenient Inspections

Don't dig up your whole yard or break down an entire wall hunting for the smallest break in your drain line. Instead, let us perform a video inspection, so we can find the exact location of the break, and work from there.


You'll SAVE thousands in rebuilding or repair fees when you know exactly where to dig!

Preventative Viewing

Inspect your lines today


"Brian is great and he is my go to guy for any plumbing, gas or such issues. He is easy to get a hold of, he is able to accommodate me in a short time frame, he is friendly when he comes out and his prices are reasonable."

- Lynn N., from Angie's List

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